CNC Waterjet Cutting

RI Waterjet utilizes the Omax Precision Waterjet System to cut almost any material up to 2" Thick. Precision waterjet cutting is a process that mixes an abrasive media with 50,000 PSI of water pressure on a software controlled CNC table. With over 12 years experience on our Omax Waterjet we can make your drawing or almost any type of Cad file into an accurate part with  amazing speed and accuracy.


With over 20 years of CAD and CAD CAM experience we can  reverse engineer your part or design and draw your idea in our CAD software. Once you approve this design your part will be ready to be manufacture. 

Welding and Assembly

Welding and other operations can be added to your project. We have a full array of manual machines so we can provide secondary operations.

CNC Turning

Our Hurco CNC Turning center with Ultimax Control allows us to reduce standard setups by over 50% compared to other controls. With this advantage RI Waterjet can produce smaller lot sizes at a more competitive price and allow faster deliveries to you. 

CNC Waterjet Signs

Let our team design and build a beautiful, bold Stainless Steel or Aluminum sign and displays for your business that will impress your customers and make you the envy of your competition.

CNC Milling

Our Hurco CNC Milling center with Ultimax Control and our full 3D CAD and CAM will allow us to machine almost any part imaginable. We have been using 3D CAD CAM for almost 30 years.